Sunday, November 3, 2013

Darwin's Living Nightmare

  Darwin's Living Nightmare
                                                                      By: Dylan Plucinik
This is a story about  little boy who lives in a nightmare. This little boy's name is Darwin, Darwin Johnson. Darwin loves his mother and father but they seem to be growing apart from each other.
 Darwin's nightmare is his parents splitting up. Darwin is trying everything to help them not split up. He insisted on going to counseling but that made it worse. Darwin's father Robert had a little talk with him. Robert told his son he didn't think he and his mom were going to stay together. That made Darwin drown in tears. His father also told him if it got to bad he was going with his father back to Knoxville, Tennessee. Darwin said loudly "That's not fair" running to his room crying.
 The next morning he got up got ready for school and grabbed his lunch his mother prepared for him and ran to bus stop. When Darwin got home he was already upset but to see everything packed in a U-Hual truck made him burst out yelling "No,no,no" and cried. He couldn't walk anymore so he sat down and cried and pouted. His father walked over there to him he couldn't take it anymore so they would half to move. Darwin screamed "I hate you, i hate you, i will never forgive you".
 Robert brought him to his mother and he left to drive and think for a little bit. He started tearing up from the words his son screamed at him. An hour passed by and thought his son should be calmed down by now. He went home and found that his mother had took his bed out of the truck and stuck it back in his room and said "Hes staying with me". That started a huge argument.
So, the next day the father had left for Knoxville, Tennessee. While Robert was driving he knew he shouldn't of left without his son. When he got to Tennessee he got to his house that he had purchased. The house was 2 bedroom 1 bath on lake Douglas. When he arrived it was late so he slept on the floor overnight.
The next morning in Florida it was a Saturday at 9:30 am. Darwin's mother Rose had made breakfast for her and Darwin. After breakfast her and Darwin left to go look for yard sales.Then, they went grocery shopping. Rose had bought the necessaries like milk, eggs, cereal, lunch meat, and dinners.
That morning in Tennessee Robert woke up and started unpacking. There wasn't that much because it was only him. After he had unpacked he left out to look at boats for sale. He found one for 1500 dollars. It was a pontoon boat. He bought it and put it in the lake behind his house. Robert planned it for the very next day. for dinner he went to a local restaurant.
Rose and Darwin went to Logan's road house for dinner. After they ate they went home and went to bed.
The next day they had planned to church. After church they went over to roses parents house. They visited for awhile then left. When they got home rose made dinner. They ate and went to bed.
Robert went home and went to bed. The day after it was 7:00 am and was ready to go out on the boat. When he got out in the lake he noticed there were many people enjoying there day. Seeing joy in the people he felt a little better. Robert popped the anchor in the water eager to jump in the water. He still felt bad about his only son not being there with him. After a couple hours he was ready to go back home. When he got back home he went inside to prepare for work the next day.
Rose and Darwin woke up to being tied together on the side of the road in the middle of no where. They seen no cars in the past 6 hrs they have been laying there. Darwin was hungry and upset.
In Tennessee Robert woke up to the news saying "Rose Washings and Darwin Washings are missing". He immediately jumped up got dressed and got a plane ticket to Florida. He was racing with fear and anger at himself. When he got into the airport in Florida he rented a car and went to the police station. Robert tolled them his name and they tolled him everything they new. They tolled him they now not exactly but in a radius. A 30 mile radius of an exact point. He went all through the radius and it took him 15 hours to do that. he was tired and wanted to give up but he didn't. The last second he was about to pass out but he heard screams in a distant. Robert followed the screams and finally found his wife and son tied up. He untied them and called the police department to tell them he found them. Darwin had apologized for the words he said. They all hugged and Robert said "i am not leaving without my family" and Darwin's parents kissed and left for Tennessee.
6 months later they were happy as a family once again and lived happily ever after.

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